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FoodTest95™ - Food Sensitivity Test

Now Available Exclusively at Schneider Clinic P.C.

FoodTest95™ is an innovative food sensitivity blood test. The test is done right here at Schneider Clinic and takes less than 2 minutes. Through a simple finger prick we are able to determine exactly how you react to 95 of the most common foods. The finger prick is very similar to the way a diabetic checks their blood sugar. Based on these results, our team of doctors, nurses, and certified FoodTest™ staff will provide you with a detailed report and customized food list on how your body reacts to certain foods.

Why Food Test? There is much research pointing to inflammation as being the culprit. A few of these health conditions are heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and cholesterol problems just to name a few. Chronic systemic inflammation is at the root cause of many health challenges facing Americans today.

Symptoms Associated with Food Sensitivities

Digestive Issues and Food Sensitivity

Hidden Food Allergies

Digestive Issues and Food Sensitivity Could you have a hidden food allergy and not even know it? The simple answer is YES. Up to 200 million of Americans are suffering from the health-damaging effects of food sensitivities that they don't even know they have. Furthermore, it is estimated that up to 83% of all health conditions are FOOD RELATED or made worse but what you are eating. Let Schneider Clinic and FoodTest95™ help you find out EXACTLY how you react to 95 of the most common foods.
How Does Your Body React To:

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