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10 Tips For Fall Allergies

Goodbye summer... hello fall! The season has officially changed and with it comes spectacular shades of yellow and orange leaves, cool and crisp fall air, and unfortunately - allergies. Here are 10 tips to help you tackle your fall allergies and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors this year.

1. Invest In A Nasal Cleansing Pot

Nasal Cleansing Pot

When pollen makes its way up your nose, it can cling to your sinuses and cause all sorts of problems. A Nasal Cleansing Pot can help clear your nostrils to help you breathe easier. In addition, nasal cleansing pots can help remove excess mucous, reduce pollen, allergens and other irritants in nasal passages, relieve nasal dryness and provide soothing moistening to dried out nasal passages. It may take some getting used to, but it is definitely worth a try.

* Tip: Don't forget to add a saline solution, like natural nasal cleansing salts.

2. Keep House Windows Closed

Keep Windows Closed

We know it can be tempting to crack open the windows and let the cool, crisp fall air into your home. Try to resist doing this, especially in the morning, if you suffer from allergies. The early hours of the morning have the highest levels of pollen. It may not be your first choice, but your nose and head will thank you.

3. Keep Car Windows Up

Keep Car Windows Up

Just as you should keep the windows closed in your home if you suffer from allergies, you should do the same in your car. When your car windows are down it acts as a vacuum that sucks in pollen in the air. The best thing you can do is keep the windows closed and the air conditioner on. Make sure to change the filters every month or two to empty out any substances that may trigger your allergies.

4. Keep Dust Mites Away

Unmade Bed to Fight Off Dust Mites

There may be good news if you don't make your bed. Some researchers believe that making your bed every day can actually trap dust mites beneath the sheets where they can live and multiply in the moisture. To avoid this, try pulling down your sheets every morning when you wake to allow the moisture to evaporate while you get ready. If you're not ready to part with a tidy bed, flip the sheets back up before you head out for the day. If you prefer the messy look, well hey... more power to you!

5. Get Regular Endonasal Balloon Treatments

Endonasal Balloon Treatments

One of the most effective way to find relief from sinus and allergy problems is to get regular sinus treatments at Schneider Clinic P.C.Dr. Mark Schneider has performed thousands of Endonasal Balloon Treatments to patients who suffer from minor and chronic sinus problems. This unique treatment method opens up the cranial passageways to relieve pressure from the forehead, behind the eyes, behind the cheekbones and sinus.

Endonasal Balloon Therapy is non-surgical and non-invasive treatments that treat the cause of the problem, not just the symptoms. By adjusting the bones and cartiladge within the sinuses our patients may be able to breathe easier, relieve headaches, reduce inflammation and eliminate sinus infections.

Learn more about Dr. Schneider's Endonasal Balloon Treatment

6. Resist The Urge To Go Outdoors

Resist Outdoors For Fall Allergies

As much as you might want to enjoy the outdoors this fall, try to resist the urge. This doesn't mean you have to stay indoors for the entire season, but try to time your outings during levels of low pollen count. There are many websites and tools that can help you track the pollen levels in your area, like this map from Pollen.com.

7. Take A Hot and Steamy Shower Before Bed

Shower Before Bed To Reduce Allergens

If you're not in the habit of showering before bed, it may be a good time to switch up your daily routine. A hot shower before bed will wash away all those allergens and reduce your contact with them while sleeping. Close the bathroom door to fill the bathroom with steam. Slowly breathe in and allow the heat and steam to open up your sinuses.

Be sure to wash your body and hair as allergens can linger anywhere on your body. If you don't wash them away before bed the allergens can transfer to your sheets where your body has direct contact with them. Give this shower tip a try and see if you don't wake up a little less stuffy.

In addition to washing away the allergens, a hot shower may help you unwind from the day and help you fall asleep. Add a Eucalypus Shower Tablet to the floor of your shower and breathe in the invigorating scent of essential oils.

8. Diffuse Essential Oils

Diffuse Essential Oils for Allergies

Not only do essential oils smell great, but they also have a multitude of benefits. When it comes to allergies, peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils can work wonders to open up the nasal passages and relieve pressure and congestion. Diffuse 1-4 drops of the essential oil in a diffuser, like these from Now Essentials, and place in the room while you sleep. Your muscles will relax causing mucus to and allergens to clear out.

Our Favorites:
Now Foods Eucalyptus Essential Oil
Now Foods Peppermint Essential Oil
Now Foods Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser

9. Work Up A Sweat

Work Up A Sweat To Fight Allergens

Working out may be the last thing you want to do if you have allergies, but it could be the key to perking up your immune system. Moving around and working up a sweat can also loosen up congestion and mucus. Next time allergies have your head feeling foggy or clogged up, do a quick living room workout or hit the gym. If you'd rather get some exercise outdoors, just make sure to check the pollen levels before doing so.

10. Try A Hot or Cold Compress

Compress for Allergies

If the pressure is getting to your head, run a washcloth under warm water for a couple minutes and apply it to your forhead. This can loosen the muscles and open and drain the sinus. If you're suffering from inflammation in the eyes due to allergies, run a washcloth under cool water for a few minutes and apply to the forehead. This may reduce pain and irritation, as well as decrease puffiness due to allergen inflammation.

Learn more about how chiropractic adjustments at Schneider Clinic P.C. can help reduce or eliminate your sinus and allergy problems.

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Before coming to Schneider clinic I had a multiple issues with my sinuses and allergies. I am a supervisor at a sewing factory but my real passion is singing. I love to sing but with all the congestion I couldn’t do what I love to do! I went to my family doctor and was prescribed many different medications including multiple kinds of nasal sprays. Not only did this not help my sinus problems, but a lot of the time it made the congestion worse. The congestion and drainage got so bad that I was having a hard time even breathing.

One day during my lessons, my voice teacher suggested that I see a chiropractor for my sinus problems. I thought she had lost it, I had no idea they could help with sinus problems. I always thought they could only work on backs and necks. My mom, who was already seeing Dr. Schneider for her back told him about my problem. He assured her that he could help so I made an appointment with him the very next day. Dr. Schneider told me about his unique Endonasal Balloon Therapy. I was a little hesitant about the treatment at first but now I am so glad that I stayed.

Since starting Endonasal treatments I feel so much better and I can breathe again. I don’t have the drainage that I used to and my throat is not dry from trying to breathe through my mouth all the time. The best part is, I CAN SING AGAIN IN PERFECT PITCH! My voice teacher has noticed a huge difference and according to her the quality and tone in my voice is much improved. What a joy it has been! I know without these treatments I would still be struggling along.

Thank you Dr. Schneider and staff for all your kindness and help. I am so happy about how I feel I might have to write a song about it!


The balloon endonasal procedure uses a small, flexible, sinus balloon to help gently stretch and open up blocked sinus passageways, with the intent of improving / restoring normal sinus drainage and function for the patient. When the sinus balloon is inflated, it gently restructures and widens the walls of the sinus passageway while still maintaining the integrity of the sinus lining.

With over 50 years of this procedure being performed at Schneider Clinic this non-surgical procedure offers better long-term results than conventional sinus surgery because it preserves the mucosa, the layer of tissue covering the sinuses.Unlike sinus surgery, it doesn't involve removing bone, packing the sinuses and scarring. Recovery time for patients going through Endonasal treatment is very short as it is an in-office treatment.

Direct healthcare expenditures due to sinusitis cost are over $6 billion every year and well over 73 million restricted activity days are due to sinusitis and its symptoms. With sinusitis affecting around 37 million people in the United States annually, new treatment options can help provide renewed hope to many.

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