9 Tips to get rid of a cold faster

  • Chiropractic Adjustment
  • Echinacea
  • Elderberry Syrup – this may be the most effective to help with your cold.
  • Vitamin C – 1000mg 5 times a day
  • Garlic – cut up a whole clove and swallow it. It helps to kill the bad bacteria.
  • Oregano essential oil – 4-5 drops in water 3-4 times a day
  • Zinc – 50mg 2 times a day. It boosts immune system.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar – 2 tablespoons in water 3 times a day
  • Eliminate sugar as much as possible

This may help cut down your sickness to 24 hours.

“Whenever the immune system successfully deals with an infection, it emerges from the experience stronger and better able to confront similar threats in the future. Our immune system develops in combat. If at the first sign of infection, you always jump in with antibiotics, you do not give the immune system a chance to grow stronger” — Dr. Weil, MD